meadowlark house bb

Experience a

Cariboo Vacation

and embrace the simple pleasures of life.

Nestled in the heart of the Cariboo wilderness, the Meadowlark House Bed Breakfast is an idyllic escape.

As you unwind in the comforts of this architecturally restored Provenal style home, soothe your senses in the tranquil countryside of 108 Mile Ranch.

DRINK IN the incredible light and expansive views framed by hills, mountains, stunning valleys, alpine meadows, and ever-changing flora and fauna.

INDULGE in gourmet cuisine that will reawaken your tastebuds and renew your appreciation for taking time to truly enjoy a meal and the people sharing it.


Rest Rejuvenate

Stretch your legs, and your sense of adventure

FEEL the purity of country air filling your lungs as you hike, paddle, swim, cycle, or ski through the surrounding forests, wetlands, rivers, and hills.

  • Hike B.C.’s undulating grasslands with bighorn sheep trotting along the steep canyon banks
  • Paddle the world-famous Bowron Lakes, or explore the pristine, lesser-known Nation Lakes
  • Ski the untouched backcountry snow that gently blankets meadows, woodland trails, and classic groomed trails—unless you prefer world-class skating
  • Discover diverse communities with rich histories and thriving art scenes, all nestled in the tranquility of acres of surrounding wilderness

LET THE SOUND of the meadowlarks gently awaken you to a day of song birds, waterfowl and birds of prey soaring over rustling wildflowers, gurgling brooks, or creaking, ancient trees.

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Paddle the world-famous Bowron Lakes

Meadowlark House is committed to providing an interactive experience with the surrounding landscape that is respectful and sustainable for all of its natural inhabitants.

“The entire sjour was outstanding! They personalized my vacation and I was stunned at how gorgeous the
region is.”

Christiane Mthot – Manitoba Hiker/Photographer

Allow Meadowlark House to develop a personalized experience for you. Visit our adventure page to see the array of activities offered.

There is something for everyone, in every season.